Why we do Usability

Tine 2.0 is developed using best practices of user-centric development. We believe this is the only way to create a stunning product.

Imagine a typical production meeting: Product management, Technical engineers, marketing people and creative designers sit together and discuss what would be best to do. For whom? For the only one not involved: The user.

It is a little bit like it was back then when mum cleaned up the room and afterwards you could not find anything anymore.

We want to change this and Metaways wants to change this too. This is why we do Usability.

They ensure the development of Tine 2.0 follows the way ISO 13407 describes the “Human-centred design processes for interactive systems”. At Tine 2.0 you and I – we – the users are integrated right into all production meetings. I believe this is a world premiere for commercially driven OpenSource production.

This is why Tine 2.0 will be the kick-ass groupware solution of the future. And take a look at the demo – isn’t it promising?