Why do(n’t) you use Activities?

On our quest for improving the concept of Virtual Desktops and Activities on the KDE Desktop, we once again ask you to share your experiences.

With the great response on our first discussion on Virtual Desktops, we would now like to move the focus to Activities. While Virtual Desktops are a well settled concept, mostly driven by the technical possibility to place windows on different Spaces or Desktops, we now try to rethink this concept with a focus on the real life work flows of the user. This is the idea of Activities and what you can see on the Desktop is how far we got so far implementing it.

With this post, we would first like to know whether you are using Activities on your KDE Desktop at all.

How many Activities do you currently use?

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In the comments below, we ask you to share your thoughts and experiences concerning Activities with us:

  • What do you use them for?
  • How do they make your life easier?
  • How can the Activities work flow be improved for you personally?
  • Also, if you are not using Activities, please let share what would have to be improved in order for you to use them.

Please try to keep separate discussions separate and use +1 to state you are agreeing on something.

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