Which are the best icons for Tine?

We announce the immediate start of an icon test for Tine 2.0. Please participate!

We planned it for the Linux-Tag, but then there wasn’t a good Internet connection…

So we ask you now: Which are the best icons for Tine?

Please take part in this very short test where we would like to find out which icon fits best for some of the Tine parts like “Resources” or “Today”.

To help us make Tine 2.0 even more user friendly, please click here and choose you preferred language:

Study no longer active

Plus: Calendar testers needed!

We still need testers for our Usability test in two weeks. If you live in Berlin, or happen to be there in two weeks, please give me a shout at: tine.calendar@gmail.com

We are looking for Tine-experienced people but newbies are also great.

The test itself will take place in Kreuzberg for about an hour and your effort will be rewarded, of course.

Thank you very much!