Wanted: Feedback on Kontact Mobile

We just have published a new version for Kontact Mobile on Maemo. I would like to encourage you to tell us how you like it.

(Update: Study on UserWeave no longer running, but results are publically available).


Why should you try Kontact Mobile and give feedback?
Kontact Mobile is doing really well. It is a promising product, feature rich, free software, KDE and it is here to stay. But the current project of porting Kontact to the mobile world is – what it looks like now – only supported till the end of this year. So we really need your feedback now.  Next year we will not have the same power as now to let your wishes go into the project. So, please try it right away, spread the word and do not forget to

take part in our survey! (Update: Study on UserWeave no longer running, but results are publically available).

Let us K(DE)onquer the mobile world.