Vote for your Keyboard Layout Switcher plasmoid

Please vote for your favored design and workflow of the KDE keyboard switcher plasmoid.

In the course of redesigning the keyboard layout switcher we got to a point where a decision has to be made with two options. The question is whether you want to have the layout switched on left click (efficient) or to chose it from a new pop-up (consistent with KDE HIG).

Option 1: Pop-up on left-click


  • Consistency with the default system tray applets
  • Place for more eye-candy or utility like the preview-functionality and a KCM-shortcut
  • Mouse wheel can still be used for fast layout switching


  • Two clicks to change the layout instead of one
  • Right-click menu becomes unnecessary because all functionality can be put in the popup

Option 2: Switch layout on left-click


  • Doesn’t change old behavior. Everything works as before
  • More efficient, you can change layout with one click or by scrolling the mouse
  • A layout list is provided in the right-click menu


  • Inconsistent with the default system tray applets
  • Keyboard layout preview will be four clicks away (right click->configure (opens KCM)->choose layout-> click preview)

What behavior do you prefer for the keyboard layout switcher?

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A similar voting was done before on the forums but with only a few replies.

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