Usability Test Results

Results of the Tine 2.0 calendar Usability Test show a good overall usability and drag & drop to be the most missed feature.

I want to thank everyone who was interested in taking part in the Usability calendar tests. Unfortunately I could only invite people from Berlin, because the tests had to be conducted in person. So a special thanks to all the testers that came!

In the test I focused on the Tine 2.0 calendar. The tasks included creating a shared calendar, creating whole day and recurring events, inviting, copying data from the address book to the description of an event, accepting an invitation and moving an appointment to another calendar.

These are the top 5 problems the testers had:

  1. For moving an appointment to another calendar, nearly everyone tried to drag and drop this appointment. (#1460 in the Bugtracker)
  2. When inviting people, 2/3 of the testers expected to find the accounts, they shared the calendar with, to be first in the invitation menu. (#1522)
  3. When creating a recurring event, 2/3 of all testers found “Every 1. month” irritating. A proposal for redesign is attached to the issue in the Bugtracker. (#1524)
  4. Accepting or declinig an invitation is not obvious and fast enough. Two thirds of everyone struggled to complete the task. They couldn’t find said invitation without knowing at which day it was and then didn’t expect to have to open the Edit window to accept. (#1440)
  5. When copying data from the business card area in the address book, more than half of all testers tried highlighting and then right clicking to copy. This didn’t work. (#1422)

Including the above problems there will be a priority list handed over to the great guys at Metaways and we’ll hopefully see most of the things already included in the next release of Tine 2.0.

If you have questions, please email me or write a comment.