Usability meets Open Source on Berlin LinuxTag

LinuxTag 2010 is about to start and we will - together with the User Experience team - hold an informal meeting on Usability in OpenSource.

LinuxTag 2010, anybody?

We invite you to take part in an informal meeting to share thoughts, experiences and other information covering the topics Usability and User Experience in the Free Software world. The meeting is organized by Björn from and Christoph from the User Experience Team.

You should join if you are interested in:

  • Integrating User Centered Development into the development of your FOSS project
  • Wanting to add your UX expertize to a FOSS project
  • Wondering how to take benefits out of community work with real users
  • Some usability tips for your FOSS project

We are looking forward to see you at LinuxTag in Berlin, Germany!

Go ahead and find more information on the Informal Meeting Wiki page.