Usability at the KDE sprint in Randa

Upcoming KDE sprint in Randa will offer the opportunity to talk about usability, to improve user experience, and to discuss the workflow of applications.

This year I’ll attend the legendary Randa meeting. mascot_onqi-commu-randa

It is always a pleasure to work with KDE people but Randa is more. This sprint is like a vacation, maybe because of the location but definitely due to the kind organizers

And the topics are quite interesting too. Usability has been requested for:

The latter is of special interest for me since touch interaction is always challenging for usability and user experience. And I’m sure there are many more of interesting topics to discuss. Don’t hesitate to ask me about system settings and KDE control modules. Recently we made a good progress with a first KCM, and it would be nice to see an advantage here as well.

You may probably know that running a conference like this is quite expensive. Students from all over the world will participate and need grants for travel and accommodation. The crowd-funding still hasn’t reached its goal. So your donation is very welcome.

Finally, to be honest, I’m also looking forward to the mountains in Switzerland. The ascent to the Klein Matterhorn some years ago was an extreme but marvelous adventure.


The count down has begun. See you in Randa.

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