Understanding Icons: Participate in survey (aka The Rising)

We are starting an exploratory series of studies to better understand effects of icon design. Please participate in this first survey!


Please play this little game! (Closed)

It is fun, takes a maximum of 5 minutes and helps us to better understand effects of icon design.

For those with a little more time:

The introduction of the new Breeze icon set in KDE let us again wonder, what aspects of an icon set actually takes what impact on the usability of it. We investigated Oxygen and Tango Icons for the LibreOffice project before, but our focus then was on checking all icons of the standard tool bar. This time we focus on different icon sets and will use 13 common actions to compare them.

With this series we are going to test at least 10 different free icon sets: Breeze, Oxygen, Tango, Faenza, Nuvola,  Nitrux, Elementary,  Crystal Project, Humanity and Treepata. These icon sets differ on various aspects: use of color and details, flat or not and sometimes even on the metaphor used.

This series is not meant to bring a final statistically proven answer to the problem – we rather want to be able to explore the question in more depth and based on data. Of course we will share and discuss all results publicly.

Here is the study, please participate! (Closed)

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