Tine 2.0: New survey strategy and results of August beta user survey

Today we are announcing the next user survey for Tine 2.0. The results of the past test prove us to be on the right track and encourage us to continue with this user involvement strategy.

Thank you, to all you those about 30 Tine 2.0 users who have answered our survey accompanying the last beta phase. Your participation is very welcome!

As you will have noticed, we introduced a new welcome / log-in screen to Tine 2.0. On that screen you will get informed whenever we start a new survey. This way we want to better get in touch with the users of Tine 2.0 – and we want to understand in how we can make Tine 2.0 better for them.

In the past we had the problem that by our means of publishing the surveys, we mainly got responses from Tine 2.0 admins, who have a real reason to visit our homepage. The opinion from them helped us a lot, but we need to get more feedback also from less technical users.

In this light I would like to say thank you for your trust. The results of the survey accompanying the beta phase show, that about 90% of you  think it is a good idea from us to integrate these surveys on the welcome screen. And: as we are listing to our users, we have included a possibility for admins to disable this feature (about 55% wanted this).

Now I can only call on you: please leave this option on! Yes, we are calling home, but we do this before the user is logged on, so no harm can happen – and: hey, the source code is open, check it yourself!

The second best thing you can do to support Tine 2.0 is, next to using it, to allow your users to participate in these surveys. It is a great opportunity to have Tine 2.0 fit your personal needs and the needs of the group you are working with in the future even better. And as always, we asked for your rating and use of Tine 2.0 and its components.

Now this is the Tine 2.0 hit-list:

ComponentUsed by % of usersRating (1:excellent – 7:needs improvements)
Tine 2.0 in general100%2,56

It is great to see, that we already reached great values for most of the main components of Tine 2.0. Some other brief findings:

  • our community is growing. More than 60% of the answers came from rather new users of Tine 2.0. I think that is a great success.
  • more than 80% want to participate in the survey again. Thanks to all the others for trying. Perhaps you could give us an idea how we can win your will for participation?
  • About 70% of you have made such good experiences with Tine 2.0 and our test-driven development, that you either already did install the beta or were planning to install the new Tine 2.0 version immediately after the release.

If you like comment on anything, need more results or have ideas how we can improve the surveys, feel free to comment in the Tine 2.0 forum.