The vision of Tine 2.0

The vision for the development of Tine 2.0 defines long term goals.

Last week we held an interesting workshop about the goals and usability standards for Tine 2.0. Lars and Nelius visited us in the Office in Berlin and we had intensive discussions about who Tine 2.0 will be for and what tasks we want support with Tine 2.0.

Basically we started the user-requirements analysis with this workshop. While we will present detailed results later on (as we are still working on them), we managed to define a central starting point of this process – the vision of Tine 2.0:

Tine 2.0 redefines collaboration by activating synergies through high acceptance in your whole organisation. We achieve this by providing an easy to use interface and enjoyable user experience on the basis of a stable, secure and scalable infrastructure.

We would be very happy to get feedback on this vision. Do you think it is valuable? Would you like to use a product that meets this vision? Would you like to stress other aspects?