Talking at KDE Akademy

At KDE Akademy starting Friday in Brno I will outline in a talk 'A quick guide how you can save the world or why it is impossible to do usability.'

I love to see you next Sunday at 11:35 for my talk A quick guide how you can save the world or why it is impossible to do usability.

If you are still uncertain: you should really to join us at KDE Akademy in Brno. It is always an event worth visiting, full of intense discussions,  eruptions of ideas and things getting done. While others already reviewed the event in detail, I wanted to take the opportunity to make a little promotion for my talk on Sunday.

We are doing a great job in the Free Software community. But there are two (amongst other) bugs we really need to fix:

  • First, the quality of the user experience. We have been technicians building great technologies, but honestly, we are not good on the user experience side.
  • Secondly, as projects grow, we really also need to grow our community much faster than we currently do. Especially non-technical users are needed for translations, support, design and such.

The key to both of these bugs lies in the user. In my talk I will try to outline in 10 minutes what we need to do to bring users into play and hence to fix the bugs.

We are going to Akademy!

We are going to Akademy!

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