Survey Results

Our last survey with Tine 2.0 users shows that synchronisation is the most important feature for calendar users.

Thank you for taking the time answer our survey! We had a great outcome with a total of 365 successfully completed surveys and 106 partially finished ones. A few things that came out that you might find interesting:

  • Overall, 346 people took the survey in German, 68 in English
  • 30% were women, 70% were men
  • on average, people were 31 years old
  • 85% come from Germany, 10% from the Rest of Europe, the remaining 5% are from other parts of the world including China and South Africa (!)
  • Professional appointments: women mostly use papercalendars (65%) and locally installed calendar applications (44%), men mostly use locally installed calendar applications (54%) and Smartphone calendars (46%)
  • Private appointments: women mostly use paper calendars (83%) and locally installed calendar applications (24%), men mostly use Smartphone calendars (49%) and locally installed calendar applications (45%)
  • The calendar application used the most is Microsoft Outlook (45%) followed by others (25%) and eGroupware (23%)
  • 43% of all people asked use a smartphone, the biggest smartphone brand being Nokia (30%) followed by Apple iPhone/iPod touch (27%)
  • 1/3 of smartphone users synchronize daily between phone and computer
  • Per week, 3/4 of all respondents make one or no all day appointment, 2-10 appointments shorter than one day, none with international partners and 1-5 recurring appointments
  • Half of all people who answered don’t make any multi-day appointments per week
  • Nearly half of all people (45%) don’t make any public appointments, while 2/3 of them make 2-5 private appointments per week
  • Nearly two thirds (65%) of the people asked find it very important or important to include tasks and milestones into their calendar
  • Slightly more than two thirds of all respondents find it very important or important to make appointments distinguishable by colour
  • But there no noticeable tendency when it comes to accessing other calendars to coordinate appointments: 39% say, that this is absolutely not important or not important to them, while 34% say the opposite. 20% are inbetween, though.
  • An clear majority of everyone (86%) who answered wants to have a “quick save possibility”, with start (98%), name (92%), place (67%) and end (58%) being the most important information for creating an appointment.
  • As for the calendar view, people considered the week view to be the most important one followed by the day view.
  • Also, Pop-Up seems to be the most favourite way of all the respondents to be reminded of an appointment, 2/3 (67%) voted for that, followed by sound signal (48%).
  • And for the last question: As you can see in the picture below, synchronization iswhat people miss most in their current calendar, followed by reminders and groupware functionality:


If you have any questions regarding the survey, please ask!