Survey Results: Tine 2.0 is grown up

The results of the Milan user survey prove Tine 2.0 to be a mature groupware system. But as in real life: Growing up also causes some pain.


We are happy about the 95 users who finished our last survey, evaluating the Milan release of Tine 2.0. A massive increase from 3% to 16% of females taking part makes us confident that we are actually getting in touch with our user base. Also more than 50% of the participants state that they are primarily end users of the system.

Again our location peak is Germany (74%), this time followed by Denmark (12%). But users from all over the world took part, speaking more than 10 languages. With our survey we mainly reached experienced users that use Tine 2.0 for more than 3 months (80%).

Tine 2.0 is getting mature

One of the most obvious findings in the survey results from the different free answer options. In the surveys we give the users the opportunity to express how Tine 2.0 could be improved to make their lives better. In the past surveys there were clear trends about what is still missing in Tine 2.0 and we have always worked hard to fulfill these wishes. With the Milan release for the first time we cannot identify clear trends anymore about things missing. This does not mean users do not state great ideas about how we could improve Tine 2.0 even further. And we hereby promise to pick up at least some of the great ideas. But there are no common things missing.

We conclude that we have reached a mature state with the project. We are now have everything people agree on when they want to use a groupware.


Maturity causes problems

We can find a downside to this good news in the data though. If you take a look at the graph above, it shows the usage and the rating of different components of Tine 2.0. You can easily see that CRM is used by much less people than the calendar. It also shows that components that are used more frequently are rated higher by the users. This generally is good news, as we spent time for optimization into important or frequently used applications first. But if we compare the values of this survey to our goals and to the last surveys we have to state that we lost quality. This probably is due to our effort of putting new features into Tine 2.0 without decent refactoring of the workflows and UIs. We promise to take these results seriously. With the upcoming upgrade to extJS4 we will take the chance to redesign and to integrate the existing functionality to ensure a better experience.

Discuss the findings!

As always: All the data of this survey is free and publicly available. We use the platform UserWeave.net to conduct the surveys and you can find all data in the public project Tine 2.0 on the platform. You only have to register for free to analyse the data yourself. We would be very happy if you like to share or discuss any findings with us!

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