Secondary Persona No. 1

Personas help to guide the development even though you cannot talk to users directly. This is why we created Susan for the Tine 2.0 project.

We would like to forward you this message from our first secondary persona – Susan:


Hi, my name is Susan Clever,

I am a secretary working at Tine Publications Ltd. in Brighton. My work is related to teams like the one in which John Smith is doing his job. I coordinate team meetings, write mails, answer calls and take notes for others and connect customers to the right people at Tine Publications. Therefore I strongly depend on the continuous and careful use of our groupware solution.

I hope with Tine 2.0 we will get an efficient and satisfying product to fulfill our needs. If you have any questions concerning my tasks and need some feedback, feel free to ask.

All the best,


More information about Susan and her job can be found in the Tine 2.0-Wiki. There are two more secondary personas we will present soon.

Photo © Konstantin Gastmann / Pixelio