Season of Usability: Projects Opening

The - Season of Usability (SoU) has started their call for participation.

Interested students with a background in Usability, Interface Design, Interaction Design or related topics are invited to support non-commercial OpenSource-Projects with their knowledge and skills in user-centric development. The SoU is to the benefit of both:

  • The student is mentored by an experienced usability professional and has the chance to practically use, what he has learned in theory.
  • The projects benefit from the fresh wind of a new mind and up-to-date methods in user-centric development.

Like last year Björn is again one of the proud mentors for the students. He mentors the SoU project for TV-Browser. Björn has gone quite a long way with this project, starting work back in 2005.

The premises of this project are just great – so do not hesitate and apply for your participation in the SoU!