Season of Usability: 2nd Round of Application

Today nine candidates for the 2nd round of applications for the Season of Usability got chosen.

Season of Usability is one of my favourite activities of the year. But it has its downsides as well…

This year again I will mentor – together with Bodo from TV-Browser – one of the Season of Usability projects. This is great because we get the chance to spread the word about usability, help some students to gather experience and at the same time improve a great project even further!

But today was decision-day. We had to select which of the applicants we want to consider for the 2nd round of applications. And I really hate to have to say no to qualified and motivated people – but: these are the rules! So at the end of the day we have nine promising students left in the process of application for the TV-Browser. Good luck to all of them in 2nd round and to all the others: Don’t be sad… There will be other great chances for you!