Season of Usability 2009 looking for students

A new Season of Usability has been announced. Students can apply. I will be usability mentor for the Gallery project.

Good news for all students of usability, user-interface design, interaction design,…: The initiative Open Usability has started the call for participation for the Season of Usability 2009 (a very big THANK YOU to Celeste for organizing and finding sponsors!!!).

The Season of Usability provides students the opportunity to practice what they have learned in university on a real Free/Libre/Open-source software project. The list of projects this year is great again:

Of course I will again work as a usability-mentor for the SoU 2009. This year I am mentor for the Gallery project. This project is interested in learning more about its users. Project activities will include user research activities such as surveys, interviews, creating user groups and personas, and competitive analysis.

I will be really enjoying this job, as we have worked hard on our survey-platform Icon Test and the connected questionnaire methods. They will be of great use for the student and the gallery project.

Are any of those projects interesting for you? Then don’t hesitate to apply.