Results of Tine User Survey (September 2009)

The results of the last Tine 2.0 user survey give great insight in the usage and quality of the individual components of Tine 2.0 and sho that we are on a good track with the development.

First of all: A BIG thank you to all the 143 participants that took all the way of our survey! Your feedback helps us a lot, because we are doing Tine 2.0 only for you! If you missed participation this time: join us on our mailing-list for Tine 2.0 surveys! Let’s take a look at the main results:

What shall we do next?

We asked you to sort a couple of ideas we have on what features we could work on next. It showed no real winner, so I guess all our ideas have to be integrated in Tine 2.0. Still some points that seem to be more important are:

  • Dashboard
  • Birthday in Calendar
  • Attachments
  • Editable Notes
  • Linking

These 5 were the winners and we will gladly consider your voting in our feature-plan. Also we got a lot of comments on features you would like to see. Of course, we will discuss your ideas and  in the next survey we will ask how relevant they are for all of you!

How do you like and use Tine 2.0?

We asked you two questions to understand how good we are at the moment. We needed to know what parts of Tine 2.0 are most important for you and how you like the current state of them. You can find the results in the following OpenOffice-Chart:


Rating and Importance of Tine 2.0 components

(Did I mention I really look forward to the OpenOffice Interface rework? Hopefully making good graphs will be easier then… – so, sorry for this, wasn’t able to quickly get it any better… )

What does this tell you? The little dots you can see are possible applications within Tine 2.0. You can identify them in the legend.

The “rating”-dimension shows the average answer to the question “How do you like the current state of…”  for all existing applications. The scale ranged from 1=”Excellent” to 7=”Needs improvements”. On the plot you can find the average on the y-axis. All applications that do not yet exist got a rating of 7.

On the x-axis you can find the applications in order of their importance for you. This was done by an ordering task. The scale goes from 1=”most important” to 16=”least important” application.

So we were very pleased to see that Tine 2.0 already does provide you with the most important applications. we learn that a “projectmanager” would be the next most important application we should provide for Tine 2.0.  All other missing applications are obviously not important to the vast majority. The importance here will probably vary on the individual task you need Tine 2.0 for. Also it shows us, that we rather need to improve e-mail and tasks than calendar and addressbook, as they are the relatively best rated parts of Tine 2.0.

We also asked for an overall score for Tine 2.0 on the same scale. We were pleased to see, that you do really like Tine 2.0: With 2.66 it scored as good as the best single application “addressbook” (2.64).  A value of 2.6 means that about  50% of you rated Tine 2.0 and the addressbook with a “1” or “2”.  This is a great starting point. We will try to  do this benchmarking in every survey from now on, so we can see, whether we are getting better the way you want us to!

Who are you?

This is meant as in: Who participated in the survey? We found that almost all participants are male and 2/3 are admins… So the sample (hopefully!) does not represent all the users of Tine.

There are of course some artifacts that explain this result: At the moment we only ask you on the Tine 2.0-Homepage, via the mailing-list and in our blogs to take part in the survey. “The typical user” will probably never go there. So we decided that we will do some advertising for the participation in these surveys: From the next Tine 2.0 version on, we will ask our users to participate directly on their Tine 2.0 log-in screen. They can click a link and the survey opens! This way we hope to get a more representative samples in the long run.

Some personal advertising.

Personally I am very proud of these results. As you might know we have been working on the usability of Tine 2.0. But we have not yet really touched all applications. But all of these we have worked on (Tine in general, Calendar, Addressbook), show much better ratings then those we have not (intensively) worked on (E-Mail, Phone or Timesheets). So there is an effect in Usability work – and you can measure it! And as a last note: if you are interested in the technology we use for making these surveys, take a look at UserWeave.