Results of Tine 2.0 time tracking survey April 2011

The April 2011 survey with Tine 2.0 users shows a great satisfaction with the current implementation. A "quick add" seems to be the most useful add-on.

In April 2011 we ran a quick survey regarding time tracking in Tine 2.0 — thanks to the great community for spreading the links and to everyone taking 5 minutes to answer our questions!

We don’t want to bore you with a lengthy discussion of all the available statistics, but instead give you an overview of the most interesting results.

One of our concerns was the actually used number of Timeaccounts within an installation of Tine 2.0. The aggregated results indicate that we need to support the complete variety – from only a handful to more than 50 Timeaccounts. This surely sounds like a challenge to any user experience architect but, contrary to our expectations, the comments imply that users currently do not face any serious problems selecting the appropriate Timeaccount.

Regarding the length of a single task that is entered into the Timetracker we found a quite surprising pattern: Most of users’ tasks are either between 15 minutes and 2 hours; or up to one or more days. We’ll have to see how to tackle this in any upcoming changes to the interface.

We also gathered some popular or recurring feature requests from the forums and bugtracker and let users prioritize these according to their personal preference. Aggregating these personal priorities results in a nice graph that shows which features are important to most users:

Priority of possible features in Tine 2.0 Timetracker

A quick entry of Timesheets is the most important “feature” that we have to tackle in the next iteration of the Timetracker. Furthermore the assignment of Timesheets to Tasks and vice versa is a very popular idea that we haven’t found a solution for, yet. The same applies for repeating tasks, e.g. holidays or tasks that take more than one day.

We already have a couple of ideas for indications of deviations from a standard work time and a better overview within the application, but according to the survey there are more important features. Regarding a stop watch feature, that would allow users to press a button when starting and stopping a task, we can conclude that there is much disagreement between users. There is a small group of users that highly want this feature and others that do not need it at all. As you can see from the graph the majority of users would probably not benefit from that this feature.

So, that’s it — curious where the future development of Tine 2.0 is heading? Interested in a deeper analysis? Discuss with us in the comments!

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