Results of past Tine 2.0 User Surveys

The results of our last Tine 2.0 user surveys show that we are taking the right way in the development. Our Usability benchmarks are reached and we are adding the most wanted feature to the next version of Tine 2.0.

With the new version – Mialena – of Tine 2.0 out, it is time to take a look back at the feedback you provided to us in the past version. As you know we ask you – our users on the log-in screen to participate in short surveys. They all have one common goal: to assess your impression of the quality of Tine 2.0.

So, how do you like Tine 2.0? The overall impression of Tine 2.0 is good (about 2.4 on a scale from 1 (excellent) to 7 (needs improvements)). The rating of the individual applications varies with addressbook and calendar leading with approximately the same value as the Tine 2.0 overall impression. The other important applications (Tasks, Email, Admin) follow, getting good to above average ratings while still leaving some room for improvements. Only sales, phone and voipmanager get below average ratings.

With Mialena we decided to improve the basic concepts in Tine 2.0 further. Most application now have a proper filter- and favorites concept. We hope this will better your impression of most of the applications. We also decided to move the navigation from the Outlook-like-app-pile to a modern Tab-interface. I am curious how you like this!

We also spent some love to calender, email and syncing (my N900 now works fine!) – and of course some more which you should not hesitate to find out! For a lot improvements we did your free comments inspired us a lot. We believe that we managed to fulfill about 50% of the free suggestions you made in Mialena now.

So thanks for that input and keep on going like this. It really helps us a lot to get even better!

We also asked you a couple of other questions about your context of use (mainly business, but also for other private purposes, managing between 1 and 800 users) and the necessity for a handbook (about 40% would like one) or seminars (about 25% would like one). Even though we need to get better in documentation on our wiki and other resources (so you told us!), most of the users are quite satisfied with the documentation and help they can already get.

So, please check out Mialena and continue to participate in our surveys – and in any other way you like. We desperately seeking for designer wanting to contribute to the look and feel (esp. icons need to be done), volunteers working on documentation and in the forum – or how would you like to participate in the Tine 2.0 development?