Psychological IT Expertise for the involvement of users

We stand for sustainable know-how transfer. With our specialized knowledge in psychology and IT, we mediate between the perspectives of software developers and users. Together with you, we are optimizing tools, processes and knowledge - for the involvement of your users into the development process of your product.

Our strength lies in the combination of two core competences:

  • As psychologists we have the knowledge and the methods to work with the people who use your product both in a creative and structured manner.
  • The practical experience gained from numerous software projects allows us to understand your development process and to assist you to better involve your users.

Experience has taught us that the development of skills in your team is a key to success. Thus, knowledge transfer, such as integrative work or by explicit training, is a natural part of every project for us.

For us this transfer of knowledge goes beyond the direct project partners. Among other things, we regularly report on our work online. We do this with particular pleasure about our commitment to free software, which is also our testing ground for new ideas and ways of working.

These publications automatically create a current profile of our expertise and our project portfolio on our website. Get inspired.

In this context we would like to particularly thank our project partners from non-open source software, which are nevertheless giving their consent to speak openly about a project. With a focus on interested parties and users of their product, the positive perception of transparency in the development exceeds a potential loss of knowledge advantage to market companions.

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