Participate: New LibreOffice Icon Test started

The LibreOffice design team announces the start of a new online icon test. You are invited to participate!

After the great response to our last icon test with over 2000 people participating, we are now testing the corresponding oxygen icons. So the test is basically the same as last time, just with different icons.

Again, the LibreOffice design team encourages you – next to taking part yourself – to promote the link to the survey widely (Participants do not need to be users of LibreOffice):

  • post it on your personal favourite social network,
  • ask your friends, parents,
  • send the link via email.

Last time we only attracted about a dozen female participants – I guess we can do better than that!

Thanks to the great LibreOffice localisation team, the test this time is available in English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish and Spanish. We warmly welcome volunteers that want to help us doing subsequent studies in even more languages! Please help to reach participants speaking your language.

The survey will be closed on Tuesday and the results of the tests will be published during the LibreOffice Conference and on this blog.

Finally – here is where you need to go – it will take you less than 5 minutes if you are working fast:

http://userweave.net/survey/22e772e174ed479abe2658be44dedca2 Study closed, results are publicly visible on UserWeave.net.

Thank you in the name of the LibreOffice design team.

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