Participate in KScreen Survey: How do you setup your screen(s)?

Call for participation in a study about the requirements for the screen management tools KScreen.

Screen management can be a tricky task with conventional tools: if you want to rearrange the position of your displays, change the resolution, or switch a screen on / off you need to run a complicated configuration routine.

Recently, a screen management software was introduced that massively improves user experience when working with multiple monitors: KScreen. It provides a modern, intuitive and user-friendly interface to configure connected displays, their position, rotation, or resolution.

Based on these core features we run a survey about the requirements of screen management tools. The survey consists of ten questions about placement of your monitor(s), configuration of views, and use cases when settings need to be changed. The results will be integrated in next releases of KScreen.

We invite you to participate in the study.

And we encourages you – next to taking part yourself – to spread the link to the survey widely:

  • post it on your personal favorite social network,
  • ask your friends, parents, neighbors,
  • send the link via email.

Finally, here is where you need to go: http://user-weave.com/survey/bd974cc80e144d279dd9704e2ddd3bd0?18 (Study was closed at Tuesday, 9th July 2013) Thanks for your participation.

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