Participate: Icons of KDE SC put to the test – KMail, part 1

Today we announce the start of a new study to evaluate the quality of KMail icons. Please participate.

Please invest 5 minutes of your precious time and participate in our little survey:

Testing KMail-Icons, part 1 (Update: Study on UserWeave no longer running, but results are publically available).

(about 5 minutes – English, German, Polish and Spanish available).

As you might know, we work together with KDE, the artists team and Nuno Pinhero in person to improve the quality of the icons used in KDE SC. Therefore we will publish new, short studies every couple of weeks. We want to find out, which icons of KDE SC are easy to understand and which ones don’t yet work so well. For getting a realistic and exact analysis, every icon-test will focus a special application or parts of it.

This is the first test of KDE SC icons. We start with a focus on the icons used in the main view of KMail (yes, you can find all of them in a fresh installation, even though you will probably not be aware of some of them…). Thanks to Adam, Álvaro, Sebastian, Isaac and Feargal this survey is available in english, german, polish and spanish. If you find anything we can improve or if you want to help us to provide the next survey in even more languages, please write me a mail.

We will publish the main findings in our blog1. If you are interested in the results in greater detail, please write me a mail.