Participate: Are you perfectly satisfied with your file manager?

User Prompt announces the start of a large study on file managers. You are invited to participate!

Please participate in a study about strength and weakness of file managers.

Managing files is the most basic task with computers. You apply a file manager to organize your stuff, to browse for a particular file, or to modify attributes. Just as much tasks are processed as many programs are available. Operating systems come with their own tools (GNOME uses Nautilus, KDE has Dolphin, at Mac OS X it is Finder, and Microsoft calls it Explorer) but countless other applications exist and fill more or less niches.

In our study we will investigate the pros and cons of those tools. We ask about the situation in which you make use of a file manager, for what reason you chose it, and what you do like and what not.

We invite you to participate in the study.

It contains of about ten questions and should be done within a few minutes. You may run the study multiple times if you make use of different file managers or varying tasks, for instance a graphical tool for browsing and the command line for managing stuff.

And we encourages you – next to taking part yourself – to spread the link to the survey widely:

  • post it on your personal favourite social network,
  • ask your friends, parents, neighbours,
  • send the link via email.

Last but not least many thanks to the localization team! The study is available in English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Українська, Magyar, Čeština, and Gallegan.

Finally, here is where you need to go:


(Study closed at 2013-05-21, 12:00 am GMT+1)

Thank you for participation.

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