More news from our secondary personas

A persona was created for Tine 2.0 that helps us to guide the future development even when we cannot talk to users directly.

A new message from another persona just arrived us and we don´t want to hide it from you:


my name is Paul Wulf, I´m a project manager at Tine Publications Ltd. I don´t have much time to introduce myself but the people working on our new collaboration application already interviewed me about my job and what we really need here for our everyday work. I can´t really wait until the first release is finished to start enjoying the smart and promising looking interface of Tine 2.0.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Wulf

Paul Wulf and his sales manager colleague James McBlack are the last two secondary personas we use to discuss in the Tine-Wiki and concentrate on in the user centered development of Tine 2.0.