Looking back: LibreOffice Conference in Paris

I have been attending the great LibreOffice 2011 Conference in Paris and held a presentation about the problems of finding the gold in the input user provide.

First thing I want to say is ‘Thank you!’ to all the people who have been organizing the conference. It was a great experience for me – full of contrasts, inspiration and networking. I was very happy to meet so many of you LibreOffice enthusiasts personally. There have been a lot of detailed descriptions on various topics (e.g. I really liked Christophs post, also check the LibreOffice Planet).

I do not want to add much more to these – only one little thing: I gave a talk on ‘Detecting signals in the feedback noise’. You can find my .pdf slides here. I was told there would also be a stream / video of the talk, but I haven’t found it yet. Unfortunately all the usability and user experience related talks were in a room almost impossible to find. At least I hope this was the reason for so few people attending my talk :). I do hope these topics will get more focus and attention in future! I am really looking forward to meeting all of you next year again!