LinuxTag 2008

User Prompt will be on LinuxTag 2008 together with Tine 2.0.

Only one week left to LinuxTag in Berlin (28th to 31st of May)! It is always a great event and I am looking forward to meet all the great people that are engaged in the OpenSource community! And of course I am personally happy that this event has settled in Berlin – and I do not need to travel for it anymore 😉

Unfortunately we will – this year – not have there own booth on LinuxTag. But you will find me most of the time at the Tine 2.0 booth. It is located in hall 7.2a booth no. 115.

I am very happy to get feedback on the ideas we can present up to now with Tine 2.0. Feel free to discuss the concepts in User-Interface- and User-Interaction-Design with me. As well I am looking forward to discuss any issues related to usability in OpenSource in general – be it in the scope of the OpenUsability-Initiative or a matter of User Prompt.

See you on LinuxTag!