Kontact mobile – new beta out for public testing

Kontact Mobile - the new KDE Kontact based PIM client for your smartphone - has released a brand new beta version. And we are asking you for your feedback!

Kontact Mobile is developing very fast at the moment! Now we are happy to have reached the next beta-version that we really would like you to give us feedback on.

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of you that volunteered in our last diary survey. Your feedback was very valuable – keep the spirit up!


What do we have at the moment?

  • Kontact Mobile is running on Maemo on the N900. Soon there will also be a version for HTC Touch Pro 2.
  • It provides email, calendar, ToDos, addresses and notes. You can sync with a Kolab-Server and handle imap resources.
  • The application is technically stable (it relies on most parts on the code for the desktop, so it should be save to use it with real data – I do it too).
  • Most basic navigational issues from last test have improved a lot and we added lots of functionality to all of the applications (not-yet-implemented functionality is marked red)
  • On the downside: The application is still pretty slow, esp. during initialization. Please be patient. Also there are some configuration dialogues that are still pretty ugly (if you find one, please report it to bugs.kde.org) and last but not least we are still missing mass-actions (e.g. move several mails). We are aware of this and promise to improve this further!

How can you help us?

  • Install the current unstable version to your N900 (find instructions on kontact-mobile userbase page)
  • Use it and take some note on what is good and what is not sooo good:)
  • Report technical bugs you find to bugs.kde.org – please ensure that you use the *-mobile products to file the bugs, so we can find and fix them
  • Report your experiences to our short survey (Update: Study on UserWeave no longer running, but results are publicly available) – in there we will ask you about tasks you wanted to do, that went really good, ok, and where you failed (no diary this time!).

For discussion and support we have set up two mailing lists. For the more technical issues please join the Kontact Mobile list and for issues concerning the actual use, please join the Kontact Mobile Users list.