Kontact goes mobile – and you can help to make it feel great!

We are happy to announce a new project where you can participate! KDE Kontact will be made available on mobile phones and we want your feedback to make it feel great!

We are very happy to work together with KDAB, Intevation and G10Code on a project to make Kontact available on mobile phones.  This is great as there is no really good mobile mail client around and as it is important for free software to offer such a crucial part of the mobile software infrastructure…

As always it is our task to make sure that the product in the end will be stunning and usable and as always we need your help to get there!

Now we are looking for people that are intersted in building up a testing and feedback community for this project. This community will be integrated into the further development and will help us by this to make the mobile version of Kontact rock!

It would be helpful if you own a N900, because there will be packages for this device available really soon – but there is no need to have one. We also look for people that will give us feedback on their personal needs and wants concerning the mobile use of a PIM suit.

What can you do next?

I will be around at Linuxtag as well – and will be happy to meet you!