KDE human interface guidelines: First steps

As announced recently, we are rebooting the KDE human interface guideline. The first revision is done and you are invited to join the discussion.

The basic structure has been implemented to the start page. It consists of three major sections: structure, behavior, and presentation. They each are relevant in specific phases of the development process and target different audiences. To support the developers first, we started with the behavior section, and in particular with the most easiest part about ‘editing and manipulation’. It should almost be finished except from updated examples – which is a very challenging and time consuming task.

Editing and Manipulation


Unconstrained input

  • Provide a line edit to enter one line of text.
  • Provide a text edit to enter multiple lines of texts.
  • Consider to provide inline editing with complex views.

Constrained input

  • Use a Spin Box for numerical input within a range and with fix steps.
  • Use a Slider for arbitrary changes within a defined range.
  • Apply the slider and spin box pattern for numeric input with both large changes and precise control.
  • Use Date and Time Pickers for formatted input of datum, time of day, or periods etc.


We explicitly ask about your opinion. Please read the guidelines and make sure that the text is informative and comply with developers’ requirements. The content should be both generic and comprehensive, and help to make KDE awesome. But we are also interested in support. If you are able to create nice sample UIs with Qt please contact the usability team via the kde-guidelines mailinglist.

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