Introducing … John Smith

Our primary persona John helps us to always keep the right track in the development of Tine 2.0.

I’m new to the usability team of Tine 2.0 and I like to introduce you to our primary persona, which we will use to discuss features and usability issues.


Hi there,

my name is John Smith and I’m one of the photographers at Tine Publications, Ltd. I just got an email telling me that we’ll be using Tine 2.0 in our company. I can’t say I’m overly glad with this decision, because I just started to work efficiently with Outlook Express — but well, Tine 2.0 looks promising and I will take this as a challenge.

I hope all of your programmers will bear in mind what I need to do with this application. I’m sure, that by telling you a bit about me, you can greatly improve this software. I hope I won’t need to worry about coordinating my appointments that much and have more time to take wonderful pictures.

All the best,


Read more about John and let us know what you think of our approach!

Photo © Sascha Sambale / Pixelio