Icon Test Results Revealed

The results of the Tine 2.0 icon test show the problems when icons are chosen from a standard icon set and are not developed individually.

To the nearly 200 (173, to be exact) participants in our icon test: Thank you all for taking part! We got great results in terms of the quality of the Tine 2.0 icons (which are, in fact from the Oxygen Iconset). Also, we would like to thank you for all the comments you gave: Many of them were really encouraging, we got many compliments, but also some valuable criticism and tipps.

How did the icon test work?

We not only recorded which icons were chosen for which terms, but also how long it took you to decide.

From that, we could calculate three values:

  • “Strength of association” (Indicates what percentage of the users assigned this icon with this term.),
  • “Discriminatory power” (Indicates wether and how often this icon was assigned to other terms as well.) and
  • “Conspicuity” (Indicates how fast the icon was chosen by the user in proportion to the average.)

In the pictures below you can find the three values on the left in the above order. The three values together give an overall Rating between 0 and 10. After a few tests we conducted, we can say that only icons with a rating above 8 can be seen as perfect for a term.

What is very apparent in all the results: The Oxygen Icons are not made for Tine! From the few terms we wanted to find the perfect icon for, only “User” got a rating above 8:


The weakest rating was achieved for “Today”, which is very interesting, because I expected this to be the most evident one:


Here are the results of all the other terms:

Add Appointment:


Add Calendar:


And Resource:


What do we learn from that?

First of all, we need icons that fit better to the special Tine 2.0 terms. Of course, the Oxygen Icons are a great start, but they just don’t fit all of our needs.

That’s why we want you, our community, to contribute!

  • If you use Tine 2.0 and you see an icon which you think doesn’t fit: Tell us!
  • If you are an icon designer and love to play with pixels: We need you!
  • If you know how to visualize complicated things with as little complexity as possible: Write us!
  • And even if you just know someone of the above (or know someone that knows someone 🙂 ), we would like to hear from you!

Please write your ideas and suggestions to: tine.calendar@gmail.com or post in the Tine forum.