How do you want Libreoffice Calc’s toolbar configured?

Please participate in another short survey, now on how you want to have Libreoffice Calc's toolbar configured by default.

As discussed in the recent postings about Writer, Libreoffice’s default toolbars haven’t been changed in 9 years, since OpenOffice 2.0. Our goal is to update Libreoffice’s default toolbars by removing seldom used icons in order to give room for more useful functions. Here is how we think it should develop:

Figure 1: Toolbars in Libreoffice Calc.

Figure 1: Current status of future toolbars in Libreoffice Calc.

And as the last time we want to make sure that changes are done according users’ needs. Here you come into play. As an indication for the development, we want to know if you agree with these changes.

Please go to our test platform User-Weave.com and answer a few question about your workflow and opinion. It takes only 2 minutes and helps us to steer the development.

http://user-weave.com/survey/83cf7d9c7556481f847b807b9d9a4d83?12 (study closed on 17-Nov-2014)

As always we appreciate all comments. Please share your opinion!

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