Free Usability Mentoring during Qt Developer Days Europe

Due to the generous sponsoring of KDAB, we are able to offer free Usability and User Experience mentoring sessions during Qt Developer Days Europe 2014.

Sponsored by KDAB – organiser of  this year’s Qt Developer Days Europe in Berlin – UserPrompt provides free Usability mentoring as special take-away. From October 6 – 8 we offer 60 minutes of our Usability and User Experience expertise in individual mentoring sessions available for all participants.

You can get expert feedback on questions like:

  • How can we solve a tricky interface problem?
  • How can we involve users to test the quality of our software?
  • Even though our users tell us before what they want – when they get the software they often tell us that they wanted something different. How can we fix this?

You can of course surprise and challenge us with any question that bothers you and your team – as long as it is related to the users of your product and their experience and expectations with it.

To get the free advice, please reserve a 1 hour time-slot, using the following form or contact the KDAB booth during the Qt Developer Days Europe. Time slots are limited, so be quick to get your favourite one:

Event is over, no registration possible anymore!

In case of time conflicts, we will get in touch with you to find an alternative slot for your questions.

We are happy to answer your questions in the comments below or directly at bjoern.balazs@user-prompt.com.

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