First LibreOffice user research survey closed

The first user research survey for LibreOffice has just been closed. About 5400 participants exceeded our hopes and expectations by far.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated!

This success shows us that the LibreOffice users are more than interested in giving feedback. They want to take part in the further improvement of LibreOffice. We can, should and will take this seriously! A series of follow-up surveys is planned and will be coordinated with the development.

At a first glance it shows that the most used applications (on an activity scale from 1=never to 5=daily) are LibreOffice Writer (3,92), Calc (3,22) and Impress (2,41). A lot of the participants (76%) see themselves as experts in dealing with computers and spend a lot of time at the computer during the day. Thus, using the computer is very important for most of them (78%).

We will analyse the results in greater detail now and keep you informed about the findings. A big part of the survey dealt with the preferences in using software. It looks like we found quite some interesting results. For example, a question about ribbon interfaces polarizes the users: while 23% of the users strongly prefer ribbon interfaces, 20% reject them (extreme values on a semantic differential). A fact we will evaluate further, so stay tuned!

If you want to join us in the user research team, simply subscribe to the LibreOffice Design Mailinglist. We can give you the opportunity to look at the results personally on UserWeave, where we conducted the survey.

Read more about the results soon. Thanks again to everyone for your support!

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