Feedback pouring in!

The last Tine 2.0 user survey shows great satisfaction. Most of the wishes users have are actually in the pipeline for the next release.

We have just finished another survey for Tine 2.0. Thanks to all participants for showing their support and helping us to make Tine 2.0 the best groupware around. We are very pleased to report that this survey — in terms of the number of participating users — has been the most successful so far.

After looking at the answers we conclude that the overall impression of Tine 2.0 is positive and seems to be improving over the different versions — a trend we hope to continue during the next releases. Users seem to appreciate the simplicity and general user interface provided by Tine 2.0.

We also realized that the Addressbook is one of the most used applications and that we need to be cautious about handling upcoming adjustments. We hope users will be willing to discuss possible user interfaces with us in the forum.

We have already put in some usability work into the Calendar application which — as the data of this survey suggests — has improved since the previous release of Tine 2.0. Sadly users perceive the Email client as one of the worst core applications. We are quite aware of the technical limitations and are just putting on the finishing touches to resolve these as well as to clean up the interface.

A lot of users rely on the Timetracker, but the feedback suggests that it still needs improvement. We hear you and promise to make this a higher priority — maybe someone is even interested in sponsoring the next iteration?

We greatly appreciate the comments we got during the survey. Overall it seems that most users are in need of proper connectivity support (CalDAV and WebDAV coming up!) and at least a basic document management system. From a usability perspective the overall speed of Tine 2.0 is also of concern. Until we can tackle this, administrators should have a look at this thread in the forum.

In other news we are still puzzling about how to reach even more end-user of Tine 2.0 in our surveys, i.e. someone like our Personas — Any ideas? Let us know in the comments!