IT products are made and used by humans. We understand users and developers. With these competencies we utilize the users' potential and design development processes more efficiently and innovatively.

Create UX

How to use Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups is an application that allows to arrange pre-built widgets using a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor. It is used to create drafts for the discussion of preliminary solutions in the user-centered development. We introduce the tool and give some advices for best practice.more...

Free Software

Designer vs. Developer? A FLOSS perspective.

The relationship of developers and designers is full of misunderstandings. Projects fail, e. g. due to the struggle among different views on the same subject. Communication can be frustrating for both sides. But there is hope. In this article I want to share and discuss factors that facilitate a 'Designer with Developer' rather than a 'Designer vs. Developer' in FLOSS projects.more...

Involve Users

Campaign to Better Involve Users

Sign and share our campaign to create tools that allow users to actively participate in the development of products.more...


Metaphors behind icons – which are really useful?

Metaphors determine the association between a function and its icon. But sometimes these metaphors are misleading or ambiguous. With your help, we want to improve the metaphors used in Libreoffice.more...

Analyse Requirements

Discuss the Future of Activities and Virtual Desktops

We ask for your feedback on a future scenario on what Activities and Virtual Desktops could evolve to.more...

Transfer Knowledge

Active seminar for user-centered development

Modern product development puts the user in the center at an early stage. Our active seminar equips you with the knowledge you need to do so.more...

Test Usability

Measuring customer satisfaction: Benchmarking Usability in a Complex Product Environment

Usability Benchmarking is a cost-effective solution to steer and evaluate the development process. Together with ELO Digital Office we collected questions and approaches.more...