Discuss the Future of Activities and Virtual Desktops

We ask for your feedback on a future scenario on what Activities and Virtual Desktops could evolve to.

It has been quite some time since we asked you to share your experiences with Virtual Desktops and Activities. Meanwhile we have been thinking through the enormous amount of feedback you provided. It was very inspiring. Thanks a lot for contributing!

We discussed intensively how to proceed now. We definitely want to continue to involve you into the further process. So, we thought it would be kind of boring to present simple results of the two “crowd-requirements-gathering” we did. Also it is kind of hard to respond for you to such a report.

Instead we decided to tell you a little story. And we would like to hear from you how attractive this scenario would be, if you were the actor in the story. Why do or don’t you like it? What would need to happen to make it better?

How Peter uses his Computer

Peter is a busy person, working for different customers. Privately he likes to travel and plays games. He also likes watching movies with his spouse. And for all this he uses only his laptop.

While all this sounds quite normal, most interesting is that his laptop looks and behaves totally different for each of his tasks – he can easily ‘morph’ it to become the perfect tool for that task. Some examples:

  • For each of his customers he has all tools needed for working for that specific customer arranged on his real and virtual screens. He has easy and direct access to the relevant documents for that customer, so when he ‘morphs’ his laptop to work for that customer, he is immediately ready to start where he stopped last time. Documents from other clients are hidden in first place so he can share his desktop without the danger to accidentally uncover confidential information from other customers. Also, the people involved in that project are preselected for quick and easy to reach for all kinds of communication. The best thing: for time-tracking, he simply checks how long each customer environment was running.
  • For their planned travel to Paris, he set up an environment to share with his spouse. They take notes together, discuss Hotels, Restaurants and plan visits to museums. Everything is shared via their own cloud and hence looks the same on both their computers, so they can both work on it, whenever they have some spare time.
  • When he plays games, his laptop looks different again. The taskbar is hidden, keyboard response rate and mouse resolution are maximized, and power management is set to maximize performance. All dialogs are configured to not steal the focus from the main application. And the sound system is amplified and bassified for maximum immersion.
  • Whenever he turns on his TV, his computer environment automatically ‘morphs’ into a media centre. All notifications are turned off, his instant messengers and social media connections are set to ‘do not disturb’ and his mobile is set silent. The media centre shows the list of movies they still want to watch, so they can start right away.

Now we are interested in your quick response:

Would you like to be able to 'morph' your computer like this?

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Of course we cannot promise that or when we manage to reach something like this, but we know that it is important to have a “big picture” to steer future development. So help us to get better and share any suggestions, improvements, likes and don’t likes in the comments!

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