UX @ Akademy 2014

We are going to Akademy 2014.

We are going to Akademy!

Akademy is always a great event with a very special flair. It’s always a pleasure to argue with Thomas Pfeiffer not only via VoIP. And this year we are looking forward in particular to meet the visual design group with Jens Reuterberg and Andrew Lake. If you are interested as well in what turns a human into a Homo Sapiens Dwigginsis come to the tech talk on Sunday, at 14:30.

Lightning Talk

Björn will tell you how to save the world, with the subtitle how we should proceed in making KDE experience unique for all users. Be welcome as well on the follow-up workshop in BoF room #5 to discuss the idea and open questions arising from the talk.

UX Workshop

As last year, we offer the opportunity to discuss the usability of your project. But this time we will provide not only usability expertise but, together with the design professionals, the whole spectrum of user experience. We are very happy about this cooperation and looking forward your questions. The room #3 (or #5, please double check on site) is reserved from Monday to Thursday (‚User Interface Design Room‘). If you are interested, please add your project to the BoF page to coordinate the sessions.

HIG Discussion

And finally we want to discuss the future organization of KDE human interface guidelines (HIG). The goal is to make the HIG supportive for all contributors from developers, designers, usabilitists to translators, etc. Join us in room #5 on Monday, Sep. 08 from 15:00 to 17:00.


See you in Brno!

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