Tine 2.0: Results of October 2011 Survey

In the last weeks the Tine 2.0 team again asked the users to rate the Usability of Tine 2.0. The results show that for the first time Tine 2.0 has met the Usability goals for all sub-application. Also we learned a lot about the use of email and filters.

In September / October we asked Tine 2.0 users to answer a couple of questions. A fabulous number of about 120 users actually did finish the study. First of all: A big „THANK YOU“ for doing this. As you know Tine 2.0 is Free Software and we are only doing it for you – our users. So we are very keen to hear your opinions. This is the only way to make Tine 2.0 better and better! So if you have any suggestions how we could reach even more users with our next survey, please add a comment below.

The first and most important result: For the first time we reached all our Usability goals with Tine 2.0!


The answers we got were from male (97%) people with an avarage age of 36 (SD=8.4). Most of them came from Germany (82%) followed by Austria and Italy (3% each), Sweden, Switzerland and China (2% each). Altogether there were answers from 13 different countries speaking 11 different languages. German of course was the most prominent one (84%), followed by Italian (4%), Chinese (3%), Russian and Swedish (2% each). Seeing this, the vast majority of Tine 2.0 user still is in Germany. This is not surprising as this project actually started in Germany. But it is great to see the increasing numbers not only of users taking part in the survey, but also the increasing numbers of countries our users come from.

To stress the fact that we do have a quickly growing community, 45% of the answers were from new users of Tine 2.0, using it less than 3 months. Interestingly enough, our surveys seem to be encouraging even for long term users: 25% reported to be using Tine 2.0 for more than 1 year. Apart from this indicator 90% of the participants stated they would like to take part in further surveys. So our surveys seem to be on the right track for you.

In the past we have been struggling with the fact that we reached too little non-technical or non-administrative users in our surveys. Again, the results of this survey are very promising: About 50% of the participants stated that they were primarily end-users of Tine 2.0.

Still seeing the amount of male participants, we do not reach a real representative sample of our users yet. This is something we will continue to work on.


In every Tine 2.0 survey we include benchmarking questions: We ask the participants to rate the state of Tine 2.0 and the individual components on a scale from ’needs improvements‘ (1) to ‚excellent‘ (7). Looking at the answers of all users we find that the estimation of untouched components as well as the overall impression of Tine 2.0 stays stable compared to previous results. Looking at the values we can clearly see that all users are satisfied (values above 5) with the general impression (5.47) as well as with the state of the the most used components address book (average=5.22, usage rate=91%) and calendar (5,09, 94%). Our work in the administration area (5.06, 82%) pays off, and for the first time we get a value of above 5 for this component as well.

The effort we put in on the mid-used component email (4.6, 77%) also pays off. It improved by 0.3 points and for the first first time reached our internal goal for mid-used components of a rating above 4.5. Untouched tasks (4.83, 66%) stays about were it was.

For the less used components time-tracker (4.25, 44%) and CRM (4.00, 35%) we target above average values. We reached these in the past and as we did not touch these components, the rating was stable compared to last surveys.

So on the first glance this is a result to open a bottle of champagne. For the first time we reached all Usability metrics we have set ourselves as goals. Congratulations to the team – and a big thank you to all our users, who helped us to get there! Without your participation in our surveys and our forum or you buying support to solve urgent features, we couldn’t have gotten here.

But where there is sun, there also is shade. So taking a closer look at the results and focussing only on the end-users, we see that Tine 2.0 obviously is more loved by non-end users, than by end-users. What do I mean by that? If you are primarily using Tine 2.0 and not setting it up for others, you are more likely to like it a little less. The avarage rating of an end-user is about 0.2 lower than that of all users. This is true for all applications except for time-tracking. End-users rate time-tracking slightly better than non-end-users.

We promise to work on this result. Of course we want to achieve our Usability goals for every population of Tine 2.0 users.

Missing features

We also asked for suggestions and missing features. Obviously I do not want to bore you with detailed results of this, because we got a lot of long and detailed answers. So I keep it short: There were many interesting ideas in the results, quite some we could easily fix, some that we cannot even put on the horizon. But by far the most wanted features were a filemanager, and CalDAV / CardDAV support. And hey, what should I say: we listen to you. In the next version of Tine 2.0 (Milan) all of these will be included (and much more). Perhaps you like to try it out and give us some feedback on it?

As a short note on how you can influence the development: Next to stating what you think Tine 2.0 is missing in our surveys, you always have the possibility to code it yourself or to pay someone to code it for you.

Speed of Tine 2.0

We have been doing a lot to improve the speed of Tine 2.0. So we wanted to know how you experience the velocity of Tine 2.0. Of course, your impression is not only influenced by factors we can influence. So the speed of your server, the browser you use and your Internet connections brings in a big source of variance to this question. The happier we were when we saw the results: 78% of you reported that the speed is at least ‚OK‘ and 55% reported that speed improved over time. So we can be happy with these results too, seeing that our work in this area has paid off.

Email usage in Tine 2.0

One of the focus point of the last release was to improve emailing. As I said above, we are happy to have reached our Usability goal for emailing with this release, but we wanted to know more. Now we understand, that the access to your emails varies widely. Most of you use a desktop as well as a mobile mailer, some even other web mailers next to Tine 2.0. So Tine 2.0 basically has to integrate with that. Most people only have one email account, but the reported numbers going up to 150 with a median of 3. We are very pleased that you like way we provide filter for emails in Tine 2.0 (4.64, scale see above).

Filtering in Tine 2.0

Last but not least we wanted to know how satisfied you are with the way we are doing filtering in Tine 2.0. As you know the powerful filter concept is one of the core parts of Tine 2.0. So it was more than time to get some feedback on it. And the result was surprising: 51% of you reported that would like to have more filtering options. Only 1 person said that less options are needed. Again, we will take this result and your detailed comments serious and promise to further extend the filtering system.

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