Testing the Quality of Icons

We announce the availability of an online test of the quality of icons used in TV Browser. Please participate!

We just started an online-survey together with the guys from TV-Browser. The question we want to answer is twofold:

  1. Which Icons the TV-Browser uses are easy to understand, helpful or in just one word: appropriate? Which Icons should TV-Browser use in future releases?
  2. Does the method and the online-Tool we have developed for testing the quality of icons work as good, as we hope it does?

If you are curious: The study is online until the 1st of September 2008. You can participate even if you do not know much about the TV-Browser – as long as you use Firefox web browser, because this study is still beta: Study for checking the quality of icons in TV-Browser (Study offline).

After starting the study first problems became obvious immediately and most of them got solved quite quickly. I have learned, e.g. that a switch can be „half-broken“ eating up lots of, but not all data-packages.

Summing it up: the study runs quite well and we are getting tons of answers by the TV-Browser-Users. It is always fun to have this great community involved into new studies.