Icon Test with TV-Browser

The development of a new test for the quality of icons reaches the final state. In our validation study more than 22000 tests have been conducted.

Wow. Today we closed the Icon Test for TV-Browser. And man – this has been a real test for our Beta-Service. The result: Within one week more than 22000 individual tests have been conducted in our 18 experimental conditions, filling our database with 123404 rows of data. OpenOffice Calc gives up on this amount of data (As an interesting insight: MS Excel on the other hand can read that many rows of data, but not save them).

So it will take us some time to actually get valid (in term of significant) results, as this sheer amount of data first has to be handled. But I will uncover not too much when I say: a first look at the data is promising.

I guess we have found a valid way to actually have users judge the usability of icons of an application. The icon test is easy to set up, it is easy (ok, it will be easy once the platform is finished up…) to get the results and it is fast – in the best meaning of agile usability. You need valid feedback on your icons till tomorrow? No problem anymore!

With our icon test we are able to spot the good and the better-find-another icons in an interface, and we can easily decide which of a set of alternative icons for one term is the one users prefer most.

More soon to be seen on www.userweave.net!