How do Virtual Desktops make your life easier?

Virtual Desktops are an important part not only of the KDE experience. We seek your feedback on the question how Virtual Desktops actually affect your life.

Together with Ivan Čukić we plan to overhaul the concept of Activities in KDE. We get a lot of positive feedback on the ideas behind Activities, but everyone can easily see that the current implementation is not yet sufficiently working.

For a project like this it is a good idea to start with a look at the strongest competitor of the concept. This competitor for sure is the Virtual Desktop.

How many Virtual Desktops do you currently use?

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With this post we would like to get your feedback on a focussed question:

How do Virtual Desktops make your life easier?

Some comments:

  • DO describe how Virtual Desktops support you in your daily tasks (e.g. „Help me to quickly switch between different jobs I am simultaneously working on“).
  • DO NOT just state how you use them (e.g. „Organizing my running applications“).
  • We would like to ask you to use different comments for different tasks. If you agree with something someone has said before, feel free to add a „+1“ and perhaps some comment on your special flavour of that task.

Thanks for your feedback – this will help us a lot with our upcoming Activities work!

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