Find the best Icon for ‚Save as…‘

Our friends from the World Usability Day in Stuttgart started a competition to create a new icon for 'Save as...'. We ask you to crowd curate the best one!

TL;WR: Play this game!

Competition for a new ‚Save as…‘ Icon

The icons for ‚Save‘ and ‚Save as…‘ are frequently discussed. In the context of the World Usability Day 2014, German newspaper ‚Stuttgarter Zeitung‘ and the ‚Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation‘ started a competition to design a new icon for ‚Save as…‘: http://speichern-unter.net/ (Sorry, German only webpage).

Thousands of ideas have been proposed by amateurs and professional designers. The official winners of the competition are chosen by experts from a pre-selection, which again was gathered through a large scale online voting of all icons submitted. The winners will be announced Thursday, on the venue of the World Usability Day in Stuttgart.

Based on the work done in Stuttgart, we want to start a little experiment. We believe in the power and intelligence of users, so we wondered which icon would win, if not a jury, but the crowd would decide even in this last round? To make the game a little harder, we do not only measure the frequency, but also the time it takes to choose the icons.

So, please play our little game and play it fast!

Unfortunately our winners will not get any price, except for the fame of being the users choice. The game is open until the results in Stuttgart will be published, which is 13:30 CET on WUD. Right after that, we will be analyzing your choice and publish the results as quick as possible!

If you want to learn more about analytical icon testing read our article on: Extracting the DNA of icons.

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