IT-Produkte werden von Menschen gemacht und genutzt. Wir verstehen Anwender und Entwickler. Mit diesen Kompetenzen nutzen wir das Potential der Anwender und gestalten Entwicklungsprozesse effizienter und innovativer.

Freie Software

Designer vs. Developer? A FLOSS perspective.

The relationship of developers and designers is full of misunderstandings. Projects fail, e. g. due to the struggle among different views on the same subject. Communication can be frustrating for both sides. But there is hope. In this article I want to share and discuss factors that facilitate a 'Designer with Developer' rather than a 'Designer vs. Developer' in FLOSS projects.mehr...

UX gestalten

Rapid UI development for TrustBridge

TrustBridge is a secure root certificate installer for Windows and Linux. In this article we outline the development of the User Experience.mehr...

Anwender involvieren

Campaign to Better Involve Users

Sign and share our campaign to create tools that allow users to actively participate in the development of products.mehr...


Metaphors behind icons – which are really useful?

Metaphors determine the association between a function and its icon. But sometimes these metaphors are misleading or ambiguous. With your help, we want to improve the metaphors used in Libreoffice.mehr...

Anforderungen analysieren

No Clairvoyance: Data-driven Creation of Personas

Together with Steganos we analyzed their target users. We ran an online survey to create Personas based on valid and representative data.mehr...

Wissen transferrieren

Aktivseminar zur anwenderzentrierten Entwicklung

Moderne Produktentwicklung stellt den Anwender frühzeitig in den Mittelpunkt. Unser Aktivseminar vermittelt Ihnen das Wissen, das Sie dafür brauchen.mehr...

Usability testen

Basic Usability Testing at Home – notes from the workshop at Akademy 2013. By Jos Poortvliet

Jos Poortvliet of KDE fame has written a summary about the usability testing we did at Akademy 2013. We republish the article from his blog.mehr...