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Building upon the lively response on the survey about the management of network connections in KDE, we now put a proposal for the further development up for discussion.

Recently we put some thesis up for discussion on how to improve KNetworkManager, the program that is used to manage Network Connections in KDE. The variety of inspiring contributions enthused us. We have weighed and discussed the ideas and tried to integrate them into a good solution.

Now we would like to introduce you to an intermediate result – and certainly hope to get many inspirations in return … To illustrate the ideas we have mocked different states or views of the application and made ​​it makeshift clickable. And here is the video. Have fun!

In addition to your suggestions in the comments, we would very much appreciate a spontaneous evaluation of the prototype:

What is your overall impression of the mock up of the network manager applet?

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It proves to be particularly difficult to integrate the display of connection details and speed graph. On the one hand this information is rarely needed, on the other hand it contains lots of information and therefore requires a correspondingly large amount of space in the interface.

In addition to the solution which can be seen in the video, some other options for the integration of this element exist. We want to introduce three of them and ask you to vote which of the three versions you like best.

1. Swap it

The element is not displayed in the Network Manager panel, but opens as a separate element (eg. panel, window, applet). DetailsV3

2. Embed it into the list

The information is incorporated directly into the list of connections: DetailsV2

3. Use the whole panel

The information takes over the whole panel and needs to be closed again to get back to the list view of networks: DetailsV1 We ask you to state your preference between the three variants. In addition, we look forward to suggestions in the comments, how we can do even better!

Which of the three variants do you prefer?

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Without further words from us: Do you have critiques, ideas, inspiration, …?

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