Akademy: Getting Usability / UX advice for your project

To get Usability and UX advice for your project, Akademy is the perfect place. If you are interested, please register your project in our 'User Interface Design Room' timetable.

After the great response to the usability sessions we did during Akademy last year, we have decided to install a dedicated ‘User Interface Design Room’ this year.

You can simply reserve a time slot for your project and we will organize someone(s) from the VDG team that will be there to discuss your issues. These can for example be:

  • Help you focus your next steps in development
  • Do some user-testing
  • Solve some interface problems
  • Support you to get streamlined with the KDE guidelines

And of course anything else, you want to discuss that somehow touches the users.

How to proceed?

  1. Go to the Akademy BoF page.
  2. Find room 3 (room 5 on Monday)
  3. Pick a time slot where it still states ‘ User Interface Design Room’ (minimum 1 hour)
  4. Enter your name, the name of the project and preferably some little hint what you want to talk about, so we can pick the right person for you to talk with!

We are looking forward to talking to you!

We are at Akademy!

We are at Akademy!

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