Active seminar for user-centered development

Modern product development puts the user in the center at an early stage. Our active seminar equips you with the knowledge you need to do so.

How can I develop better products together with my users?

Like any tool, software should simplify work. The road to success: put the users even more into the center of the development.

Our active seminar shows you how to do it!

We impart strategies and methods that allow you to collaborate even better with your users during the development. Practical exercises continuously accompany the training and facilitate building your skills. If we conduct the active seminar at your premises, we pick up a specific task from your everyday development life for the exercises and together with all participants develop a user-centric solution.

The training contents themselves are based on the ISO 9241-210. It describes as an industry standard the ‘Human-centred design processes for interactive systems’.

In a nutshell

  • Objective
    Establishing user-centered methods and processes suiting your specific product development
  • Place
    At your premises or at a conference hotel in Berlin
  • Duration
    3 days
  • Number of Participants
    At least 6 to a maximum of 12 people
  • Composition of Participants
    Ideally from various areas such as development, product management, support, sales

Our active seminar is geared to three days and covers three key questions:

Day 1: How do we understand the different requirements of our users?

The first day focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of your target audience:

  • Who do we want to reach with our products and who do we actually reach?
  • How can we capture the diversity of the users?
  • With which motivation do users use our product?
  • How do they use it?
  • What do users really need?

Day 2: How do we create compelling solutions?

On the second day, we deal with the user-centered design of products:

  • What is user-friendly design?
  • How can psychology help in designing?
  • What tools and best practices are there?
  • How can users be involved in the design process?

Day 3: How can we ensure a high quality?

On the third day we finally dedicate ourselves to aspects of quality assurance with and by users:

  • Which quality criteria can be tested and recorded at all?
  • What strategies are available for usability testing?
  • How does a development process has to look like in order to generate quality with the help of the users?
  • How can the users be mobilized for product development?
  • How can users help us to steer the development process?

Our trainers

Our trainers are experienced IT psychologists. For many years they accompany a wide variety of products to better cooperate with their users.

Björn Balazs
Founder and Managing Director of User Prompt

Björn Balazs“I believe that technology should not make our lives more complicated, but improve them. This drives me for more than 15 years to develop innovative concepts for user-centered product optimization. Above all, I am committed to share my expertise for the benefit of your knowledge building.”

Dr. Heiko Tietze
Senior User Experience Consultant at User Prompt

Heiko Tietze“Every product should not only appeal aesthetical for us users, but also functionally inspire us. Successful are often (seemingly) simple solutions, that are both, highly flexible and with an implementation that is well integrated into the natural work flow. It is my ambition to inspire users with such solutions.”

Any Questions?

Please contact us – we are happy to answer your questions.

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